Understanding Workspaces

What are Workspaces?

Workspaces in Formberry serve as the highest level of organization in our platform. They provide users with a powerful way to manage and structure their form-building projects. With workspaces, you can collaborate with teammates and clients while staying organized. 🍓

Creating a Workspace

Creating a workspace in Formberry is a straightforward process that allows you to set up a dedicated environment for your forms and projects. Here's how to create a workspace:
Login to Formberry
Access your Formberry account using your credentials.
Create a New Workspace
Click the "Create New Workspace" button
Name Your Workspace
Give your workspace a descriptive name that reflects its purpose or the project you'll be working on.
Workspace Settings
You also have the option to configure additional settings, such as workspace access permissions and sharing settings. Customize these as needed.

Organizing Workspaces

Organizing your Formberry workspaces is key 🔑. Use descriptive names to quickly identify each workspace's purpose, and group related projects or departments within separate workspaces. This approach ensures that different teams or departments can work independently within their dedicated spaces, maintaining clarity and streamlining collaboration.
Formberry's permission settings allow you to grant appropriate access to team members or clients, ensuring data security and control.
Formberry Tip: By periodically reviewing and adjusting your workspace structure, you can keep your form-building projects organized and productive. 🏄