Form Components

Formberry offers a wide range of form components to choose from. Each form component serves a unique purpose, allowing you to collect diverse types of data and engage with your audience effectively. Let's explore all the available form components and what they do:
Short Text
The Short Text component is ideal for collecting brief responses, such as names, addresses, or short answers to open-ended questions. 🔤
Long Text
Use the Long Text component when you need users to provide more detailed responses or feedback. It's suitable for comments, descriptions, or lengthy answers.
The Email component ensures users provide valid email addresses, making it easy to communicate with them and send notifications.
Phone Number
Collect phone numbers accurately using the Phone Number component, which often includes validation to ensure proper formatting. 📞
The Date component allows users to select dates from a calendar picker. It's ideal for event registrations, appointments, or birthdate collection.
Use the Number component to gather numeric data, such as quantities, ages, or ratings. It often includes validation options for specific number ranges.
Checkbox components offer users the ability to select one or more options from a list. They're commonly used for multiple-choice questions or selecting preferences. ✅
The Yes/No component simplifies binary choices, making it perfect for questions that require simple "yes" or "no" responses.
Opinion components allow users to express their thoughts, feelings, or opinions through predefined scales or qualitative feedback.
Gather user ratings on various scales using the Rating component. It's valuable for feedback forms, product reviews, or satisfaction surveys. ⭐️
File Upload
The File Upload component enables users to upload files or documents. It's essential for collecting documents, images, or other file types. 📎
With this array of form components at your disposal, you can create forms that suit your specific data collection and engagement requirements.